With a little luck

As a child, I had what my parents would call a “summer of obsession.”

Too young to yet discover the obsessions of boys and money, my nine-year-old treasure was one of luck – more specifically a treasured “garden” of four leaf clovers.

There was something about this spot in my parent’s backyard that produced those magic clovers by the dozens. My best scientific guess these days is that the place was some kind of over-fertilized mutated clover patch.

My summer of obsession started when I discovered my first four leaf clover in that patch. It was a hot summer day, and I remember enjoying the sunshine on the grass when I noticed the patch of clovers.

After that day, I could consistently count of finding at least one magic clover a day.

For a summer, I would bring four leaf clovers to all my friends and relatives, hoping to bestow on them the luck that I had found in the lawn. My parents would often tell their friends that they had a lucky daughter, and I’d be called to give proof of my discoveries. The obsession didn’t die until the grass browned and the snow arrived.

I don’t remember much about that summer besides the clover search. I think there must have been a family vacation, some trips to the swimming pool and maybe a little Double Dare Nickelodeon game show reenactment in the backyard. Regardless, it must have been magic somehow.

The next summer when the clovers returned, I went back to my spot in the lawn and resumed my search. No four leaf clovers. Not a single one.

I admit though that I only searched only a few hours that year, more absorbed with the other interests of an early adolescent.

This St. Patrick’s Day, as I see the clover symbols throughout the stores and advertisements, I am reminded of that summer of luck I had years ago. It brings a smile and a memory or two, but most of all it reminds me how important it is to dedicate some time to the treasures in our lives – whether those treasures may be friends, loved ones, books or silly little mutant four leaf clovers.

I still have it, you know, that first four leaf clover. Its miniature frame has not preserved its green glory well, but I still look upon it with a bit of nostalgia and remember the summer I had the time to find magic.