Widen your world

I’ve always been a stargazer. This time of year, when the constellation Orion is at its brightest, I walk with my head in the sky and consider hauling the telescope out of its winter hibernation.

I suppose I enjoy the comfort and consistency of the stars.

It was under a blanket of stars that I learned about the inner workings of a television set from my technologically inclined dad. One of my most peaceful memories includes a bright starry night, a sleepy puppy and the faint sound of a guitarist playing at a campfire. A high school friend actually nicknamed me “Starry” because of my fascination with nighttime’s glory.

Stars have blanketed some of my most treasured moments, some of my scariest nights and have helped me look toward the future.

Regardless of the things that are right or wrong in my life, I can stargaze and remember that I’m just a little speck of importance in this big bad world.

My world is put in perspective when I realize that I am just this little tiny part of a big huge universe. I realize that life beyond me abounds in ways, I’ll never fully understand. And I realize that I don’t often expand my world enough.

Suddenly, with one look in the air, my bills don’t seem important. My stresses melt away, and my world somehow seems brighter.

I had a good friend share a quote with me once. I’m not sure where she got it or why, but it lives with me yet today as I stare up at the sky.

“You make your world so much bigger just by acknowledging everyone else’s.”

Stars have always helped me do that.

Sure, I’m one of those goofy nature lovers who finds comfort in everything natural – be it stars, beaches, flowers or pine cones. Maybe stars aren’t your way of widening your world. If not, I challenge you to find your own world-widener.

I think I’ll go find my telescope.