Star people

I’m a star person.

I don’t know if that’s kin to being a people-person, or a cat-person, or even a morning-person. But I do believe I’m a star person. I like stars.

I collect star poems, books containing references to stars, and often find myself gazing up at the amazing starlight at night creating my own poetry and columns. Most of all, I believe believe in wishes, I believe in hopes, and I believe in dreams.

When I gaze up at the stars, see a world of possibilities. Not as an astronaut would in exploration, but in opportunities laid out to grab hold of. Maybe I’ve been told to reach for the stars one too many times. Maybe I wished myself silly some unclouded night. Or maybe I’m just t00 young to realize the reality of wishing, hoping and dreaming. But if that’s the case, I don’t ever want to grow up.

I’ve been doing a little research lately on Ralph Waldo Emerson. I find his quote “Hitch your wagon to a star” quite often in my readings. It was this idea that inspired this column. I like the idea of hitchin’ my wagon to a star and flying. Yeah, sure, I ain’t got no wagon, and neither do most of you. And none of us is about to fly away with the stars. But I want us all to dream.

I want us to stand outside with a five year old some night and wish on every star we can find. I want us to hope for healing miracles and unbelievable happiness and undeserved love. I want us to think of how we can make the world better, and to dream it into being.

Stars make me think of wishing and hoping and dreaming. And so, I’m a star person. Are you?