Shhh…Let me tell you a secret

“A secret is what you ask a friend not to share because you cannot keep it to yourself.”

Many of us are among of those people who become naturally curious any time someone says they’ve got a secret. It may be a journalistic tendency, but I am in one of those people who really likes to be in the know.

I recently typed in the word “secrets” online to see if I could find the origin of the above quote. I had no luck, but I did discover a unique website for those of us ourselves. who just can’t keep our secrets to ourselves.

The site is called, and it features postcard pictures revealing secrets of some cases the ashamed- or unashamed in some cases.

I had to laugh at some of the postings. Sure, there’s the secret about the lady who has slept with 23 men since getting married. There’s the secret about the car mechanic who takes his customer’s vehicles through the drive thrus of local eateries. Of course, you’ll find the secrets feuds and fears. about sexual orientation, family feuds and fears.

My favorite secret from the site showed a picture of an amusement park with the secret printed “Sometimes I miss being a kid.” I also liked these: “When I was a kid, used to think everyone else was a robot. Sometimes I still do.” “I taught my dog to poop with his leg up. Everyone thinks he’s just peeing. I hate picking up poop.” “I am almost 40 years old and I ¬†have an unhealthy reliance on my 8 ball.”

I thought about sending in my own secret to the site, but I haven’t yet resurfaced with a good one.

I remember when the number of secrets you kept helped classify your status. Remember those days in junior high, when you knew 19 secrets about who had a crush on Brent? Six secrets about your little brother’s rule breaking tendencies? And one big secret about your best friend’s bad boyfriend?

Now that I’ve reached the ripe old age of 27, I don’t have many secrets to keep any more. Sure there are still the secrets about who has a crush, some friend’s secret about which sex the baby will be, and maybe a tiny secret or two about what’s coming up in next week’s paper.

I don’t have any good secrets any more. I suppose in some odd way, that is my secret.

Often, I’ll start a conversation with the worlds “Tell me something interesting.” Recently, I’ve added a new conversation starter to my list: “Tell me a secret.’ But if you don’t want to tell me, I know a good website that’ll help you get it off your chest.