Rescuing Barbie

I was reminiscing the other day about my childhood toys and wound up telling a silly story about G.I. Joes and Barbie.

Like most young girls, I had dolls. My brothers, like most brothers, had an army of G.I. Joes.

While reminiscing, I reflected on one particular play memory, when Barbie got captured by a band of “evil” G.I. Joe soldiers. It was up the “good G.I. Joes” to rescue her. I’d like to think I was a smart kid. I remember trying to rescue Barbie myself saying something rotany about the crazy mismatched sizes in the whole situation. When my efforts nearly started a real life fight, I patiently waited on the sidelines for my Barbie to be rescued by her dwarf heroes.

I barely realized it at the time, but Miss Barbie, could have easily turned all these G.I. Joes into her next high fashion purse. My giant mutant monster-beauty, even in her skimpy tight skirt, could have stomped her way straight out of this G.I. confinement and back to her Barbie mansion.

My point, you wonder? Because of course, there is more to this than just a silly childhood story.

We all know Barbie has no brain, she is plastic after all. If that doll had mental functions, I’m sure she would have opened her eyes and seen the little figures around her. She would have laughed and easily overcome the tiny obstacles in front of her.

However, if her vision had been distorted, maybe by a blindfold or by her own misguided logic, she may have let the little G.I.s hold her captive, not realizing she could have overcome them.

My childhood reflection reminded me that often I don’t see the real size of my obstacles. I am sometimes blindfolded by things that keep me from gaining accurate information. Sometimes I am misguided by my own logic. I see giant obstacles when in reality, my oppo- sition may be as tiny as Barbie’s little plastic enemies.

If we open our eyes, I’d guess we are likely to realize that the obstacles and people opposing us thought. are really much smaller than we think.

Here’s to hoping we can all learn our obstacles. from our childhood toys and squish our obstacles.