Peaceful Spring Sunsets

I sat outside on my deck the other day, breathing in the peace of a spring sunset. The purple of the moonrise glowed from behind me as the red orange sun was sucked below the horizon.

I wondered just what it is about the peace of nature that calms me so. It’s beauty? Simplicity? ¬†Complexity?

I’m not exactly sure, but I know when I’m not getting enough of it. I get grumpy in the winter-time. Radio hosts call it the “winter blues.” My best friend, a med student, calls it seasonal affective disorder (SAD). The disorder is supposedly caused by the absence of light cues. So, oddly, like a plant without sunlight, my condition deteriorates.

Logical, right? Maybe, but I think it’s as simple as lacking something love. And now that spring is here, my mood is back up and my outlook on life is improving. I can’t disprove that my mood seems to be affected by the seasons, but my heart seems to have seasons of its own.

I’ve heard the phrase “seasons of the heart’ a number of times. I think I’ve even seen a play by that title, and sometimes I’ve even given my condition as a weather forecast. I’d answer the “How are you” question with things such as: “Clear and sunny.” “Cloudy with an 80 percent chance of rain.” Or “Partly cloudy with thunderstorms likely.”

In my heart’s seasons, I’d experienced the dancing of springtime, the heat of summer and the slow decline of fall, but never the harshness of winter. That is, until recently. I think I could have given a “snowy and cold” weather forecast quite often in the past couple months.

Odd, earlier this winter, a friend gave me a card that said “No winter lasts forever.” I opened the card again earlier this week and thought of how ironic it was to receive this card on Valentine’s Day, my most “wintery” day of the year.

The card featured an orange tulip peaking through a couple inches of soft white snow. “No winter lasts forever.”

It seems simple, but in the seasons of your heart, doesn’t a winter seem like it’s going to last forever?

I can vouch that it won’t.

My winter isn’t over, but have seen a few days of spring.