Welcome to my blog

Once upon a time, I was a newspaper columnist with weekly columns in the local newspaper. (I may have even won an award or two for my writing.) Now, more than a decade out of the newspaper industry, those columns were just sitting on a thumb drive in my closet. I'm not sure if anyone wants to read them anymore, but I thought I'd put them out into the world just in case.

On this website, you'll find my favorite columns from my 8 years in the newspaper industry. I'll publish a couple a week to get them out there. If you're lucky (and I'm inspired), I may write something new too! Stay tuned.

All columns were originally published in the Dickinson County News between 2001 and 2009. 

From the column archives...

The way it’s been done…

I’m going to tell you a story about five monkeys. If you enjoy monkeys and their habits – that’s great. If not, bear with me. There’s a point.

All that glitters…

Sunday School teachers generally don’t get annoyed with crayon companies. But when I was young, I made one Sunday School teacher think twice about her love of the Crayola corporation.

A home’s personality and a 4-foot lawn spider

I remember a conversation about a year ago with our humor columnist Carole Achterhof. As I stared at her four-foot lawn spider, she explained to me that a person’s home is a reflection of their personality.

I have a dream

During my freshman year of college, the theme for a series of student-led chapel services was “I have a dream.” The chapel idea was, of course, inspired by the famous “I have a dream” speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.

On a Firefly Night

When I was young, I remember thinking that fireflies were magic. I had no idea how they worked, but the fact that there were little bugs that could disappear and reappear in a flash was magical in my developing mind. It wasn’t unusual for me to wish on them like I did falling stars and rainbows. Even though I’m grown now, I think there’s still something magic about a firefly night.

The Silence that Wakes Me

In this crazy loud world of constant motion and emotion, I’m one of those people who often finds herself craving silence.

When life gives you lemonade

I have a personal rule to never pass a lemonade stand without buying a cup of lemonade.


“Don’t confuse the specter of your origin with your present worth.” – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. We all get burned. Burned by things we didn’t expect. By inevitable tragedy. By people who don’t know any better. By people who just need to do better for themselves. Sometimes – even by ourselves.

Trust and chocolate

Things aren’t always what they seem. And people aren’t always honest. I have a vivid childhood memory of my first practical joke – not the first joke I played, but the first joke that was “on me.”

Forgiving Apes

Apes are about to teach us about the cultural aspects of forgiveness. We recently received a news release letting us know that we’ll soon be learning about human forgiveness and the process of culture through a study at the Great Ape Trust of Iowa.

Abbott and Costello’s computer banter

Being a lover of humor that plays off word definitions, I will never grow weary of hearing the Abbott and Costello classic “Who’s on First?” I couldn’t help but sharing this modern computer version of the classic that came to me in computerese.

Angels’ Wings

At the risk of quoting a mushy inspirational song, “I believe there are angels among us.” I also believe there’s a bit of angel in each one of us.