My own dumb fault

I was reminded earlier this week just how much I am an incurable optimist.

As I sat on my doorstep Monday morning, locked out of both my house and my car, I smiled, shook my head, and laughed at myself.

“It’s my own dumb fault,” I thought as I turned on the water hose and tried to slurp a drink from it wearing my business suit. When you keep the spare set of house keys in your car and your spare set of car keys in your house, it’s bound to happen sooner or later. Actually, I used to even joke that it would happen sometime. Well, turns out it happened this week.

It’s kind of funny how completely helpless you feel when you loose all your keys. The only useful thing I could do was pull the weeds in my garden. I suppose the next closest feeling to that helplessness is when the electricity goes out at work and I’m rendered completely incompetent.

It’s probably no surprise that when I can’t do anything else in the world, I sit down and write columns.

Sure, I’ve got my grumpy days. Don’t we all? And while I wasn’t thrilled at the price tag for my stupidity, I still don’t consider Monday among my bad days. I just goofed by making a dumb mistake and I’m able to smile about my own imperfection.

Since I’ve been blessed with the uncanny ability to laugh at myself, I’ve shared my silly experience with a few people since regaining my keys. I was surprised to hear a lot of responses from people saying they’d done it last week, or last month.

Ironically, this is not the first “blonde moment” I’ve had with my car. A couple months ago, I neglected to close the gas cap correctly and had to haul it back to the dealer to find out why the check engine light was on. (It turns out I’m not the first one to have this problem with a newer model car either…)

It might seem like a silly column subject, but I’ll be getting laughs out of it for the next couple days. I hope you’ll be reminded to laugh at yourself. It keeps you smiling and helps cure the blues.