More insect problems

This morning, I had a spider in my hair.

I was driving down the road, and felt my hair being tugged a little funny. Normally, I wouldn’t think anything of it: the wind tangles my hair daily, my puppy thinks the blonde strings are a fun toy, and I’m always getting my hair caught in pens during interviews.

But today was different. With none of the three aforementioned items present to ruffle my hair, I peered into the rear view mirror and discovered a one-inch black spider.

The man in the pick-up behind me must have thought I was nuts, because I proceeded to try to knock myself out while I was driving.

Luckily, I didn’t cause an accident and the spider left my presence.

I walked away with a bit of a headache and an angry motorist behind me.

If you’ve been following my columns in the past months, you’ll remember that I’ve had a few experiences with cockroaches, mice and four-foot lawn spiders.

Now, I’ve also had my share of experiences with spiders – in my truck.

Since we got this truck a month ago, I’ve killed a half dozen spiders. We must have a nest or something, because they keep coming back.

The strange thing is – I never see the spiders when the truck is sitting still. They only come out when I’m trying to drive.

Oddly enough, after shooing the spider away, I began to think about the spiders in my life- those annoying parts of my personality that come out when I’m driving through life too quickly.

And now that I’ve gotten busier, I’m seeing those spiders more than I’d like.

I’m not going to get too personal and tell you what all of my spiders are. But I’m sure we have some of them in common. Being busy and tired brings out the worst in many of us.

We notice the funny feeling, and when we look into the mirror we discover the spiders in our hair. But we’re too busy trying to drive to do much about them.

We push them away, but only temporarily, and inevitably they come back.

I’m tired of having spiders in my truck. After my bout with the spider this morning, I decided I’m going to buy one of those bug foggers and set it off in my truck. That’ll kill those pests.

Then I’m going to take the time, stop driving and get rid of my spiders. But the real life application isn’t as simple as driving to Wal-Mart to pick up a $5 can of bug spray. We need to look around for the nest.

Driving less will bring out the spiders less often and when we find the nest, we can eliminate them.

But the “nest” will mean different things for different people.

For some, it will mean sleeping more and working less. For others, it will mean eating better. Still others will need to give up an addiction. I haven’t found my spider nest yet.

Tonight, I’ll make sure the spiders stop nesting in my truck. Tomorrow, i’ll start looking for the spider nest of my life.