I thought of you the other day

I thought of you the other day as I walked along.

I remembered your smile when we first met – the way the corners of your lips turned ever so slightly when you gave me your name and tried to pronounce my own.

I remember the light in your eyes when you spoke of your interests, of your passions, and of your plans for the future. I remember the conversations that came by star light, over coffee, and in the strangest of places. Those were the conversations that meant something – the ones that always landed us pondering the things that are important.

I remember the silence – when I didn’t need to speak and my silence was enough to explain my happiness, my sadness – or both.

I remember the many things you taught me – to love, to fight, to live and to forgive.

I always thought we’d meet again. And we never did.

You never knew how much you impacted my life in just the short time you were a part of it.

You thought you were just a colleague or an acquaintance or a fleeting friend. But you were more.

It doesn’t take a long term friendship to affect a life. Sometimes it takes just five minutes. You probably didn’t even know that you affected my life – but you did.

You gave me hope in the ten minutes it took to spark a conversation in the grocery store.

You gave me insight during that hour and a half plane ride when you put away your book.

You taught me the power of forgiveness that day I observed you at the park.

And you gave me a new perspective on life in that conversation we had after I put my pen down and we were done with our interview for a newspaper story.

You made a difference. I just wanted you to know.