I have a dream

Originally published July 2008 in the Dickinson County News

During my freshman year of college, the theme for a series of student-led chapel services was “I have a dream.”

The chapel idea was, of course, inspired by the famous “I have a dream” speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. And while none of the speeches were remotely close to the level of Mr. Luther’s speech, each senior speaker was given about 15 minutes to tell 750 of their peers about their dream.

Some of my peer speakers had a dream to share God’s love (it was after all, a Christian college). Others aspired to never stop learning. Some, I believe, had the dream of making 750 people laugh hysterically during a chapel service.

This weekend, we’ll dedicate the statue of a Lakes area man who had a dream – Captain Steve Kennedy. I never heard his “I have a dream” speech, but in the few short months I knew him, I couldn’t even try to count the numerous times I heard about his dreams.

This area has no shortage of people with dreams, and I love to hear about them – and I love even more to watch them come true.

Each and every time I hear something like one of those “I have a dream” speeches, I spend the next few days trying to find my own dream – something worthy of sharing with my peers, something worth holding on to.

In all four years of college, I never found that dream.

I found it just recently.

“So I say to you, my friends, that even though we must face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream.”

Those are the famous words of Mr. King, and today I echo them, not in a civil rights movement, but in a hope that our lives remain meaningful, no matter what our cause or conviction.

Now don’t hold me up to the standard Martin Luther King, Jr. His “I have a dream” speech will forever outweigh any speech I could make, but I do think my alma mater would be proud.

I have a dream that we all may continue dreaming.

I have a dream that we may always seek to live our lives in better ways and to make the world a better place.

I have a dream that we may never find anything “good enough” or settle for a life that’s less than what we dream of.

I have a dream that we may find the beauty in Nature, that we may be uplifted by the stars, that our worries be washed away by summer waves, and that each snowflake reminds us of the wonder of our uniqueness.

I have a dream that we may find passion in our work, fun in our play and love in our relationships.

I have a dream that we may not only find contentment in our stability, but happiness in our instability.

I have a dream that we never stop reaching for those dreams.

I have a dream that we may all continue dreaming.

May you find your dream as well.