Gone Fishin’

Originally published in the Dickinson County News

I can still hear the tune every time I hear someone utter those words – “Gone Fishin’.” Hank Parker’s fishing show was a common Sunday afternoon feature at my house while I was growing up – especially this time of year, when the males in the household caught what they’ve called “fishing fever.”

I never have enjoyed fishing. Love the lake, boats and sunbathing, but fishing has never done it for me. It’s not one of the activities you’ll ever catch me doing during the wonderful summers here at the Iowa Great Lakes.

I also have to admit that I really don’t see the appeal in it. You go out at 6 a.m., sit on the lake and wait for silly little creatures to bite on the end of your stick.

You get a bite, turn a little reel around in circles and bring the fish into your boat. And then – this part really stumps me – sometimes you throw them back.

I suppose I’ll never understand, but I would guess a lot of fishermen would feel the same way about shopping.

Silly women get up at the crack of dawn, walk nearly four miles throughout the mall, and come home flaunting more than $100 worth of shoes.
Then, they expect men to congratulate them on their shopping effort because they found “bargains.”

Yeah, I know, there are women who enjoy fishing and men who shop, but in my family, the stereotypes hold true.

Not long ago, each June, my family had a tradition of visiting a fishing resort in Minnesota. I tell people of this vacation that was part of my life for more than 25 years. And those who know me well, question my decision.

They laugh when I tell them I shopped, and that I haven’t been fishing in 10 years. I could probably guess the same thing happens with many visitors to the Iowa Great Lakes.

Judging from the many shops in the area, business owners quickly caught on to the desires of the non-fishing crowd.

While fishing folks are out making their catch, their counterparts can be fishing for the newest piece of art for their living room, the next book they’ll read sitting on the beach, or the perfect outfit for their next social outing.

Then, after a full day worth of “fishing,” the pair can meet up and share their stories.

So, next time you go out fishing, bring in that big walleye you caught. She’ll congratulate you on it.

But remember, those shoes were a good catch too.