Fourth of July an other fiascos

I remember it vividly. The fireworks were booming above my head. They were beautiful and magical. From the smile on my face, you would never think I was lost. I had gone to the bathroom before the fireworks began and decided that Id try to find my way back to my family’s “spot” on my own.

I couldn’t.

Yeah, I’m sure many of you have had similar childhood “Lost” experiences. But I was 21. Though unable to find my way back to my family during the show, I did find the car afterwards. And it’s become a family joke now. Whenever we find ourselves in a crowd, there’s often mention of me getting lost.

Why on earth would I share such a silly and embarrassing story with you? I could say it’s because I want to warn kids not to get lost this holiday in the crowds of the Iowa Great Lakes. Or I could be telling you this story to let you know that even your newspaper editor does really stupid things sometimes. Or I could be saying it to illustrate the importance of remembering where you’ve parked your car.

The reason I make mention of my last Fourth of July experience is to provide a hint to enjoy this holiday – enjoy the moments, whether they be fireworks, picnics or boating excursions. Enjoy the moments, try getting lost in them for a change, and then find your way home.

Oh, and another hint, when you’re on your way home – the four-way stop by Wal-Mart works like a circle, clockwise. lowa traffic laws state that when stopped at an intersection, the person to your right has the right-of-way.

Happy Fourth!