Dance with me

Originally published in 2007 in the Dickinson County News

Ever notice how the really good speakers take a simple term, give the Webster’s dictionary definition of it, and leave you with a completely new outlook on that word after their speech?

This, of course, isn’t a speech, but I think it’s about time I try the method.

Dancing is defined in Webster ‘s Dictionary as “moving rhythmically, usually to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures.”

Lately, I’ve been giving the term a more metaphorical meaning. When I write a fun column, my fingers dance across the keys. When I read a good book, my mind dances with questions about its meaning and implications. When I take a walk in nature, I see dancing trees as my heart dances with God’s intricate messages.

Often, I dance. But it’s not dancing in the sense that most people would think.

When it comes to music, I’m a terrible dancer. I step on toes, I clumsily mess up the steps and if there are no steps, I look like a total clod.

For me, dancing is more of a state of mind, an intimate connection with something, an emotion.

As with physical dancing, it’s movement, but not of the body, of the soul.

While my physical dancing abilities leave a lot to be desired, I’d like to think I’m more graceful when I dance with nature, with words and with other souls.

I enjoy them. I breathe them in, hoping to absorb all that I can. And I smile.

Nature, words and souls – yes, these are the things I dance with. But lately, I’ve wondered what it is that makes other people dance in this same metaphorical sense.

Is it poetry? Music? Sports? Drama? Friendships?

I’m sure there are a million ways for the soul to dance. Each of us probably has a different way of dancing.

Regardless, there’s something out in the world for everyone, something that will make their soul dance like never before.

Have you found it? That something that turns your soul? That makes you smile and that gives you that intimate connection with something?

If not, search for it. And if you have found it, keep dancing.

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”
–Martha Graham