Car Lovin’

I don’t get golf. I can’t fathom fishing. But car shows – I understand.

I’ll admit it. I don’t necessarily look like someone who would appreciated a finely tuned 350 engine, a new paint job on a 1963 Corvette, or even the ability to cruise at 120 miles per hour. If you assumed those things about me, you’d be right. But I do like car shows. Why? Because I am an art lover.

I come from a family of car lovers. My dad’s got an old Buick in the garage awaiting restoration. My little brothers both have careers in the car industry. I’ve spent years hearing about engines, transmissions, tire rims and paint jobs.

As you can imagine, I’ve been carted to a car show or two – or twenty – in my youth. At first, I’d grumble, but soon I found my optimism and started to see the beauty of car shows – literally.

I use my artist’s eye to check out fun flame paint jobs. I appreciate that paint that changes color in different lighting. I check out the interior work, the artistic curves of the late models and the flower power of the Volkswagen Bug.

I linger at the antiques – the Model T, the 1930s Ford trucks, and the Chrysler Windsor Coupe.

If you’re headed to the Mainsail Cruise In this summer, I’ll see you there. I’ve even called my car-loving family to join me. After all, they were the ones that taught me to love the art of car shows.