Welcome to my blog

Once upon a time, I was a newspaper columnist with weekly columns in the local newspaper. (I may have even won an award or two for my writing.) Now, more than a decade out of the newspaper industry, those columns were just sitting on a thumb drive in my closet. I'm not sure if anyone wants to read them anymore, but I thought I'd put them out into the world just in case.

On this website, you'll find my favorite columns from my 8 years in the newspaper industry. I'll publish a couple a week to get them out there. If you're lucky (and I'm inspired), I may write something new too! Stay tuned.

All columns were originally published in the Dickinson County News between 2001 and 2009. 

From the column archives...

I thought of you the other day

I thought of you the other day as I walked along. I remembered your smile when we first met – the way the corners of your lips turned ever so slightly when you gave me your name and tried to pronounce my own. I remember the light in your eyes when you spoke of your…

Someday Isle

“Have any of you ever heard of Someday Isle?” asked songwriter and author Douglas Wood at the Little Swan Lake Winery last weekend. Although they didn’t realized it yet, nearly everyone in the cozy audience learned they’d spent some time at Someday Isle. It’s an interesting place – or more like a state of mind.…

The fictional but real University of Okoboji

I remember the first time my parents tried to explain to me that there really was no University of Okoboji. “They make t-shirts,” I replied. “There has to be a university.” Finally, after an hour or so of seemingly illogical arguments, I gave in. “Okay,” I said. “It’s a university without classes. That makes no…

Is Poetry Dead?

It’s a sad, sad day in the life of creative writers everywhere.

Newsweek columnist Bruce Wexler has declared poetry dead – saying people in today’s lifestyle have no time for the artform amidst the claims of television, narrative novels and Web surfing.

I feel old

With nearly 200 Dickinson County graduates receiving their high school diplomas this weekend, it’s no surprise that several speakers sought to inspire the graduates from behind the podium. Your Dickinson County News staff split up so that someone was at each of our three graduation ceremonies.

That old hat

The Iowa Great Lakes Rotary Club has a new tradition of passing around this crazy “Old Age Combat Hat.” The original idea was to honor the “young at heart” among us.

Blue-eyed Hope

Some nights as I lie in bed, I see a set of six-year-old blue eyes staring up at me. They’re sad eyes – knowing eyes – of a boy who had the weight of the world on very young eyelids.

The most important thing you’ll ever learn…

Repeat after me: “I can really love me… and that’s the most important thing… that I’ll ever learn… in my whole life.”

Shoe full of slush

It’s happening – same as it does every year. Snow is melting, brown weathered grass is creeping into sight, I’ve got a shoe full of slush – and I’m smiling.

Cruising with change

Now that spring has arrived, I’m back to one of my favorite habits – cruising the open road. It’s not in my nature to stay in one place for very long, but winter weather often hinders my travels.

‘You people’

Each time I overhear a heated argument, I’m introduced to this strange group of individuals referred to simply as “you people.”


I was completely an utterly lost and unfocused last Wednesday as I mourned the loss of my most faithful and handy companion – my cell phone.